Translation and interpreting

I am a conference interpreter and translator offering reliable and professional services. 

I am fluent in Polish, English and German.

I have graduated from the renown Poznań School of Conference Interpreting within the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. I have participated in a set of trainings for interpreters and interpreting teachers organised by the DG Interpreting in Brussels and DG Translation in Luxembourg.

I have been working as a professional interpreter since 2009. I am constantly improving my skills and broadening my areas of expertise. Currently I am cooperating with the local and regional authorities, national and international translation service providers as well as a variety of companies.

I specialise in conference interpreting and undertake translations that fall within my field of expertise. I am always up for a new challenge! 

I have interpreted:

official visits, including the visit of the Ambassador of Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, Netherlands and the Consul General of the US

trade fairs, including POLEKO, Let’s PLay, Arena Design

meetings, workgroups and press conferences during EURO2012 in Poland

presentations and business meetings for Amica, Wódka Luksusowa, Fleetschield, Pepco, Vox, Samsung, CIBER, ŠKODA and other companies

QRMP audits in the Heinz-Pudliszki production plant

training sessions for Kompania Piwowarska, Poznań City Hall, Imperial Tobacco, Hilding Anders, BRW furniture and others

meetings, conferences and documents about renewable energy sources and green technologies for Ekoenergia Ola Łukaszek and others

press conferences, negotiations, lectures, official events

and many, many others