General Information


After arriving at AMU

Student Card (SC) / Legitymacja studencka
In order to obtain your Student Card (SC) you need to make the payment of 22 zl to your personal bank account. The account number is available under your name in USOSweb system (Student's section > Payments, uncleared debts > 1. Płatność za legitymację elektroniczną). The SC entitles you to have certain discounts, lower fees and other privileges. The SC also serves as your Identity Card (ID) in Poland whenever you are asked to confirm your name, nationality and the status of AMU student for example. With your SC you are allowed to use the computer lab in the faculty library "Novum" (Collegium Novum, building C).

Library / Biblioteka
As a student of our faculty you are able to borrow books from the Main University Library and all the other libraries within the faculty. In order to do so please bring your student card to the faculty library, Collegium Novum, building C and register.

Learning Agreement / Choosing Courses
Your Learning Agreement (or "changes" to it) needs to be signed by the Faculty Coordinator. While establishing your program you can choose from almost all the courses offered at AMU. You should choose all your classes within three weeks since the beginning of the academic year/semester. You may not add new courses to your LA after six weeks.

There are three groups of courses you can choose from: 

 1. Courses at the Faculty of English:

- Please check our website ( for a suitbale class, (N.B. some courses consist of lectures and classes!)
- go to this class and talk to your professor (timetables: http://wa/,
- there is no preregistration for WA courses,
- once you have chosen your courses you will be oficially registered (for classes) in our computer system (USOS) by the Erasmus+ Faculty Coordinator (registration form)
- each BA and MA year has its tutor who can also help you

Tutors of the years:

1 BA English Philology: dr Anna Rogos-Hebda, email:
1 BA other majors: mgr Marika-Adamczyk-Żylińska, email:
1 BA Dutch studies: Nancy Saeys, M.A., email:
2 BA English Philology: dr Kamil Kaźmierski, email:
2 BA other majors: dr Anna Jelec, email:

3 BA: dr Paulina Łęska-Bayraktar, email:
3 BA: dr Kamila Dębowska-Kozłowska, email:
1 MA: dr Marta Kazjer-Wietrzy, email:
2 MA: prof. Karolina Krawczak-Glynn, email:

1 BA English Philology: dr Kamil Kaźmierski, email:
1 BA other majors: dr Anna Jelec, email:
2 BA: dr Paulina Łęska, email:
3 BA: dr Paulina Zagórska, email:
1 MA: dr Jończyk, email:
2 MA: dr Katarzyna Bronk-Bacon, email:

1 BA: Ms. Paulina Łęska, email: 
2 BA: dr Paulina Zagórska, email:
3 BA: dr Ciszek-Kiliszewska, email:
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Bronk-Bacon, email:
2 MA: dr Małgorzata Olsza, email:

1 BA: dr Paulina Zagórska, email:
2 BA: dr Ciszek-Kiliszewska, email:
3 BA: dr Halszka Bąk, email:
1 MA: dr Małgrzata Olsza, email:
2 MA: dr Katarzyna Burzyńska, email:

1 BA: dr Paweł Korpal
2 BA: dr Halszka Bąk
3 BA: dr Maciej Kielar
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Burzyńska
2 MA: dr Kornelia Boczkowska

1 BA: dr Halszka Bąk
2 BA: dr Maciej Kielar
3 BA: dr Paula Orzechowska
1 MA: dr Katarzyna Macedulska
2 MA: dr Maria Tymczyńska

2. Courses at other faculties:

- Erasmus coordinators at other AMU faculties:



The registration for the courses (so called AMU-PIE courses) will be open from 4th October 2021 to 25th October 2021.

- Amu-Pie - a special program designed especially for international students. It is independent of the AMU faculties and offers a wide variety of courses in English that may be of interest to you as well,
- Pre-registration: please inform teachers by email about your interest in taking thier courses



Before the examination period you need an Examination Card / Karta egzaminacyjna. You can pick it up at the faculty coordinator's office. Please have all your grades (Polish grades only!) and ECTS credits written down in the card and signed by the teachers and bring it to the coordinator. On the basis of this card your Transcript of Records will be issued by the coordinator.


Before leaving

In order to be able to get your Transcript of Records you need to submit the Library Confirmation Form / Karta obiegowa - a statement from the library (email: that you have returned all the books. You should also pick up this form earlier from the coordinator.


Thank you for choosing our faculty as your Erasmus destination. We hope that your studying here will be a valuable experience for you in every respect. Do zobaczenia!