grzegorz krynicki's home page
address Wydział Anglistyki
Collegium Heliodori, Grunwaldzka 6, 60-780 Poznań
office hours Wed 12.00-1.00pm, Fri 12-1pm
office Room 340, Coll. Heliodori

Current Courses

3BA WANLP in Pythonmoodle teams
2BA WAIT skills for linguists 2moodle teams

Groups I am a member of
  Speech and Language Processing Laboratory
  Bilingualism Matters @Poznań

Publishing and networking platforms
  ResearchGate (primary), Academia, PBN, Mendeley,
  Google Scholar, AMUR, Linkedin, Facebook

Online language tools
  Wordbuilder - corpus-based exercises with 2017 update - read introduction
  IPA2Polglish - zapisz alfabet fonetyczny IPA alfabetem polskim

Private Info
  My MA on Classification of Pitch Patterns
  My PhD on processing Polish-English parallel corpora (in Polish)

  Słownik gramatyczny języka polskiego
  Słownik Języka Polskiego (growy)

Private Links
  Machine Translation software and translation services - POLENG
  Polish-English Machine Translation software - TRANSLATICA
  Where I would be if I were not where I am

  Total Commander, Notepad2, Emacs, Perl, Python, R, EMU,
  Praat, Gnuplot, Daemon tools

Funding research
  Horizon 2020   |  Science and Business   |  NCBiR   |  NCN   |  Granty

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