Presentations last 20 minutes + 10 minutes for discussion.

The language of the congress is English

To make sure that your presentation works with the conference equipment, please do the following:

  • save it on two different data carriers (e.g. a memory stick and a compact disc)
  • make sure that all the multimedia files are saved with the presentation in the same directory (e.g. sounds, films, pictures), otherwise your presentation will not work properly
  • check your presentation on a different computer before the event
  • check with our technical support if your presentation works properly before your session
  • once checked, copy your presentation onto a computer in a congress room in which you will present
  • do this during lunch or coffee breaks well in advance of your presentation.

We do not have any breaks between presentations and switching between computers is sometimes time-consuming. It is important that presentations in parallel sessions start at the same time and with no delays. For this reason, you will not be allowed to use your own computer for your presentation.