PSiCL Volume 9

Wolfram Bublitz (Trior): Tag questions, transformational grammar and pragmatics. Pages: 5-22. [Pdf]

Karol Janicki (Poznań): Toward contrasting styles. Pages: 23-33. [Pdf]

Waldemar Marton (Poznań): Some more remarks on the pedagogical uses of contrast ive studies. Pages: 35-45. [Pdf]

James L. Fidelholtz (Lublin): Stress in Polish - with some comparisons to English stress. Pages: 47-61. [Pdf]

Grzegorz Dogil (Poznań): Some remarks on the stability of lexical stress in Polish and English. Pages: 63-95. [Pdf]

Hans Ulrioh Boas (Gottingen): Lexical entries for verbs in a conlraslive lexicon English-German. Pages: 97-112. [Pdf]

Aleksandra Mieszek (Poznań): Focus constructions - cleft sentences in English and their counterparts in Polish. Pages: 113-126. [Pdf]

Elżbieta Muskat-Tabakowska (Cracow): Some aspects of typology of relative clauses in English and Polish. Pages: 127-146. [Pdf]

Barbara Kryk (Poznań): How factive are SEE, HEAR and FEEL and their Polish counterparts. Pages: 147-164. [Pdf]

Henry Niedzielski (Honolulu): Lexical realization of benefactive and beneficiary in Polish and English. Pages: 165-180. [Pdf]

Stanisław Duczmal (Łódź): A contrastive semantic analysis of colour adjectives in Polish and English. Pages: 181-191. [Pdf]

J. van Roey (Louvain): French-English contrastive linguistics at the Universite Catholique de Louvain. Pages: 193-198. [Pdf]