Current issue

Volume 57(1), March 2021

Thematic issue: Cognitive grammar: Grammatical patterns as patterns of meaning. Guest-edited by Iwona Kokorniak and Agata Kochańska

Table of Contents

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Agata Kochańska and Iwona Kokorniak: Introduction

Agata Kochańska: A grammatical construction in the service of interpersonal distance regulation. The case of the Polish directive infinitive construction

Joanna Podhorodecka: Real-life pseudo-passives: The usage and discourse functions of adjunct-based passive constructions

Liljana Mitkovska: The network of reflexive dative constructions in South Slavic

Bogusław Bierwiaczonek: On motivation and incoordination in grammar – The case of two Polish exclamative constructions

Svetlana Sokolova: When three is company: The relation between aspect and metaphor in Russian aspectual triplets

Ewa Konieczna: Between spatial domain and grammatical meaning: The semantic content of English telic particles

Iwona Kokorniak: An aspectual contour of phrasal verb constructions with English think