Current issue

Volume 54(4), December 2018

Table of Contents

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Przemysław Tajsner and Jacek Witkoś: Foreword

Anna Bondaruk  and Bożena Rozwadowska: Stative and eventive passives of Subject Experiencer verbs in Polish

Jacek Witkoś, Dominika Dziubała-Szrejbrowska and Paulina Łęska: Binding as Agree and Index Raising: The case of Polish accusative Object Experiencers

Aleksandra Gogłoza and Paulina Łęska: Binding by objects in Polish DOCs and please-type double object unaccusatives: Testing theoretical accounts

Przemysław Tajsner: On left-peripheral particle to in Polish and Czech: A focus, a topic head, or neither?

Bartosz Wiland: A note on lexicalizing ‘what’ and ‘who’ in Russian and in Polish

Jacek Witkoś and Dominika Dziubała-Szrejbrowska: Cardinal numerals and complex numerals as specifiers

Joanna Błaszczak: Clause structure, case and agreement in Polish existential, possessive and locative sentences: A phase-based account