Current issue

Volume 56(3), September 2020

Special issue: Morpho-syntactic isoglosses in Indo-European: Diachrony, typology and linguistic areas (Guest-edited by Artemij Keidan, Leonid Kulikov and Nikolaos Lavidas

Table of Contents

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Artemij Keidan, Leonid Kulikov and Nikolaos Lavidas: Morphosyntactic isoglosses in Indo-European: An introduction

Luca Alfieri: The lexicalization of the adjective class as an innovative feature in the Indo-European family

Jóhanna Barðdal, Leonid Kulikov, Roland Pooth and Peter Alexander Kerkhof: Oblique anticausatives: a morphosyntactic isogloss in Indo-European

Juan Briceño-Villalobos: Correlative negation in Old Persian

Artemij Keidan: Marking of quality modifiers in 2nd-generation IE languages

Krzysztof Stroński and Saartje Verbeke: Shaping modern Indo-Aryan isoglosses