PSiCL Volume 20

Juliane House (Hamburg): Contrastive discourse analysis in language usage. Pages: 5-14. [Pdf]

Vlasta Straková (Prague): Typology and contrastive analysis. Pages: 15-18. [Pdf]

Karol Janicki (Poznań): On the tenability of the notion 'pragmatic equivalence' in contrastive analysis. Pages: 19-25. [Pdf]

Gerd Hentschel (Göttingen): On the relevance of phonetic, phonological, and morphological levels in contrastive phonology. Pages: 27-34. [Pdf]

Barbara Kryk (Poznań): The pragmatics ofdeixis in English and Polish. Pages: 35-44. [Pdf]

Bogdan Szymanek (Lublin): Disjunctive rule ordering in word formation. Pages: 45-64. [Pdf]

Barbara Dancygier (Warsaw): If, unless and their Polish equivalents. Pages: 65-72. [Pdf]

Niels Davidsen-Nielsen (Copenhagen): Tense in Modern English and Danish. Pages: 73-84. [Pdf]

Ewa Mioduszewska (Warsaw): A solution to the projection problem for presupposition of compound sentences within Ulrich Blau's three-valued logic system. Pages: 85-94. [Pdf]

Nándor Papp (Budapest): The expression of present and past time in the English predicate. Pages: 95-114. [Pdf]

Stanisław Duczmal (Łódź): Ellipsis as a cohesive device in English and Polish: a contrastive analysis. Pages: 115-128. [Pdf]

Mohammad Anani (Amman): Differences in distribution between Arabic \l\, \r\ and English \l\, \r\. Pages: 129-133. [Pdf]

Adam Jaworski (Poznań): 'Macro-scale' attitudes to the foreigner's language. Pages: 135-140. [Pdf]

Andrzej Kątny (Rzeszow): Bibliography of Oerman-Polish contrastive studies. Pages: 141-167. [Pdf]