Practical information

Getting to the city centre


Taxis stand right outside the entrance, should you have any problems finding one, call one of the reputable operators: Radio Taxi (tel. +48 61 196 22), MPT (tel. +48 61 19191) or Radio Lux Taxi (tel. +48 61 19662). The cost of getting to the town is around 25-30 zł, ca. 6-8 Euro depending on traffic. You can take one of two buses running from a bus stop just outside the entrance.

Line 59 (Airport-Bałtyk) heads to Rondo Kaponiera
  • journey time: 30 minutes
  • leaves every half an hour
Express Line L (Airport- Central Station)
  • journey time: 20 minutes
  • leaves once an hour
Night bus – (Line 242)
  • journey time: 30 minutes
  • leaves once an hour
Recommended: buy a single ticket valid for 30 minutes (from kiosks at the airport) and remember to validate it on boarding.


By taxi: a line of taxis standing outside the entrance to the main train station (cost of getting to the centre: around 10-20 zł, ca. 3-5 Euro).

It is recommended to take a taxi with a name and number of a reputable operator or to call one of them (see below).


  • Radio Taxi : tel. (+48) 61 196 22
  • Hallo Taxi : tel. (+48) 61 196 23
  • M1 Taxi : tel. (+48) 61 196 69
  • Radio Lux Taxi : tel. (+48) 61 196 62

The złoty (abbreviated PLN or zł) is the official currency in Poland. The approximate exchange rate (17 August 2012) is 4.07 złoties to a Euro (and 3.28 złoties to a US Dollar).


Polish sockets are standard European sockets, with a voltage of 230 V/50Hz. All visitors coming from countries using appliances/plugs that do not work with such sockets/voltages (especially American and British guests) are advised to bring adapters.


All European mobiles will work without problems. Polish mobile phone operators use both of the two standard European GSM bands, 1800 and 900 MHz. Visitors coming from the US may need a tri-band phone. The international code for Poland is +48; the area code for Poznań is 61.


Polish weather is usually quite agreeable in September, with temperatures between 15 and 22 Centigrade during the day. Nights can be cooler. With worse luck, a raincoat and umbrella may find some use.

Bus / tram tickets

Where to buy:

Both single-use and short-term tickets may be bought in kiosks and in ticket machines on buses/trams, as well as in ticket machines located near the bus/tram stops. Ticket machines have an English-language interface available.

General remarks:

Tickets bought in ticket machines on trams and buses are validated automatically when bought, i.e. you do not have to punch them. You cannot buy tickets from the bus/tram driver. While using a single-use ticket, you may change trams/buses as long as the time of the whole journey does not exceed the ticket time limitation.

Types of tickets:

Single use tickets are valid for a given period of time from the moment of validation (i.e. punching them in a ticket machine located on a bus/tram).
  • 15-minute – 2,60 zł
  • 30-minute – 3,40 zł
  • 60-minute – 4,00 zł
  • 120-minute – 6,00 zł
Short-term tickets are valid for longer periods – (zones A+B)
  • 24 hours – 12,00 zł
  • 48 hours – 16,00 zł
  • 72hour – 20,00 zł
  • week-long – 32,00 zł