A list of accepted workshop proposals and conveners' contact details may be found here.

1. Pop culture and linguistics

2. Grammar - Discourse - Context

3. Empirical evidence for semantic change in English

4. Ellipsis in English

5. Diachronic Change in New Englishes

The Organising Committee invites workshop proposals that address approaches directly or tangentially related to the topics and scope of the main ISLE4 conference.

a. the workshop title and the names of organizer(s)
b. a 1-2 page outline of the workshop, presenting, but not limited to, its raison d'etre, main themes, and aims;
c. a general bibliography;
d. estimates of the likely number of talks that the workshop will include and of potential audience size (NB a workshop may last a half-day or a whole day but should not be longer than one day);
e. an outline of the procedure for selecting papers and participants (including the list of participants if already known);
f. list of equipment needed for presentation.
g. format of the workshop (please note that in principle workshops should follow the pattern of the main conference in assigning the customary twenty minutes per presentation plus ten minutes for discussion).

18.09.15 - call for workshops
15.11.15 - deadline for proposals (extended)
15.12.15 - notification of decision of the Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee

Contact information and proposal submission Please address any inquiries and submit workshop proposals to

Please note that the Organising Committee and the Executive Board of the ISLE have decided to limit the number of workshops at ISLE4 to allow more space for general sessions.

The Organising Committe, ISLE4