Social Programme

Social programme is planned for Tuesday, 20th September, starting at 2 pm.

You will be able to book your tour along with your registration for the conference. Please note that tours are not included in the conference fee and will be charged extra. The payment may be made alongside registration fee or separately by cash on arrival.

The Organisers would also like to invite you to explore the host city of Poznań and offer you a chance at getting to know its rich history and vibrant atmosphere through a few organised tours:

  • Tour 1 – an excursion to a nearby former aristocratic residence, the Kórnik Castle, boasting a rich collection of armoury and furniture. The Castle also host a branch of the library for the Polish Academy of Sciences and its Institute of Dendrology. An additional treat is the arboretum surrounding the Castle, with an interesting assortment of trees and shrubs. Estimated time: 4 hours.
  • Tour 2 – a trip exploring one of Europe's oldest palm houses. Situated in the city centre, the Poznań Palm House provides a breath of fresh air and a moment of quiet relaxation in the bustling centre. A walk takes you through various climatic zones only to end with an aquarium hall displaying a variety of exotic fish. Estimated time: 2 hours.
  • Tour 3 – a walking tour through the Old Town taking you through the Old Market Square, with its tiny tenant houses and a Town Hall that is referred to as the most beautiful pearl of renaissance north of the Alps. Estimated time: 2.5-3 hours.

Please note that either tour may get cancelled if there are too few participants enrolled.