Volume 42 (2006)

Table of Contents

Jacek Fisiak: In memoriam: Kari Sajavaara (1938-2006). Pages: 3-4. [PDF Full text]

Adil Al-Kufaishi: Lexical cohesion patterns in Arabic and English expository texts. Pages: 7-34. [Abstract]

Piotr Cegłowski: Viewed from a different perspective: Language as a biological system; the case of language evolution in the minimalist account. Pages 35-68. [Abstract]

Shehdeh Fareh and Aziz Thabit Saeed: Rate of information packaging in English and Arabic: A contrastive study. Pages: 69-84. [Abstract]

Dylan Glynn: Conceptual metonymy – A study in cognitive models, reference-points, and domain boundaries. Pages: 85-102. [Abstract]

Małgorzata Haładewicz-Grzelak: Dispreferred clusters in Received Pronunciation: A Beats-and-Binding typology. Pages: 103-122. [Abstract]

Iwona Knaś: An image-schematic analysis of English at and Polish przy. Pages: 123-144. [Abstract]

Piotr Labenz and Kelly Nedwick: Freedom shall prevail: Some Optimality-Theoretic remarks on word order in Latin and Polish. Pages: 145-162. [Abstract]

Beata Łukaszewicz and Monika Opalińska: ‘e-raising’ in child Polish: Phonetics-phonology interface. Pages: 163-190. [Abstract]

Abdelgawad T. Mahmoud: Dative shift in Arabic and English: A contrastive study. Pages: 191-218. [Abstract]

Alice Mwihaki: Word-level phonemic licencing. Pages: 219-228. [Abstract]

Ben Paflin: Some performative aspects of general extenders in German and English. Pages: 229-238. [Abstract]

Jerzy Rubach: Perspectives on Polish palatalization. Pages: 239-268. [Abstract]

Danko Šipka: Ambiguous definitions: A case study. Pages: 269-278. [Abstract]

Serhiy Potapenko: Review of Perspectives on language edited by Henryk Kardela, William J. Sullivan, and Adam Głaz. Pages: 279-282.

Jacek Witkoś: Review of Modern grammars of case by John M. Anderson. Pages: 283-293.