PSiCL Volume 40 (2005)

Table of contents

Rasoul Al-Khafaji (Gothenburg): Variation and recurrence in the lexical chains of Arabic and English texts. Pages: 5-25. [Pdf]

John M. Anderson (Edinburgh): The argument structure of morphological causatives. Pages: 27-89. [Pdf]

Agnieszka Błaszczyk-Szabat (Wrocław): The relationship between inherent aspect and past tense in the early and late acquisition of L2 Polish. Pages: 91-110. [Pdf]

Anna Cieślicka (Poznań): Semantic priming effects in bilingual word fragment completion. Pages: 111-133. [Pdf]

Jihad M. Hamdan (Amman): Interacting with binomials: evidence from jordanian EFL learners . Pages: 135-156. [Pdf]

Alice Mwihaki (Nairobi): Grammatical constraints of phonemic merger and phonemic split in loanword adaptation. Pages: 157-168. [Pdf]

Joanna Pawelczyk (Poznań): Conversation or interrogation? The interactional dynamics of service encounters in the context of the Polish call centers. Pages: 169-195. [Pdf]


Sylwia Scheuer (Poznań): L1 transfer in a PC world: Why not lingua franca core again?. Pages: 197-207. [Pdf]

Geoff Schwartz (Poznań): Temporal phenomena in Polish hushing affricates. Pages: 209-216. [Pdf]

Review article

Bogdan Szymanek (Lublin): Review article of Explorations in seamless morphology edited by Rajendra Singh and Stanley Starosta, in collaboration with Sylvain Neuvel. Pages: 217-225. [Pdf]


Rajendra Singh and Sylvain Neuvel (Montréal): On fruitless trees: A reply to Bogdan Szymanek. Pages: 227-235. [Pdf]


Adam Głaz (Lublin): Review of The concept of ‘joy’ in Old and Middle English. A semantic analysis by Małgorzata Fabiszak. Pages: 237-244. [Pdf]

Tayo Lamidi (Ibadan): Review of An introduction to English sentences by Bolaji Aremo. Pages: 245-247. [Pdf]