PSiCL Volume 39 (2004)

Table of contents

Przemysław Tajsner and Jacek Witkoś (Poznań): Preface. Pages: 7-10. [Pdf]

Joanna Błaszczak (Potsdam): The riddle of "X was not at Y" constructions in Polish. Pages: 11-27. [Pdf]

Ewa Bułat (Wrocław): Reflexive verbs as null object licensers in Polish. Similarities between the reflexive się and small pro. Pages: 29-38. [Pdf]

Bożena Cetnarowska (Sosnowiec): The scale of pronominal strength in Polish: An OT analysis of unstressed and weak pronouns. Pages: 39-57. [Pdf]

Dorota Klimek and Bożena Rozwadowska (Wrocław): From Psych adjectives to Psych verbs. Pages: 59-72. [Pdf]

Maja Lubańska (Wrocław): Wh-scope marking in Polish. Pages: 73-88. [Pdf]

Michael Moss (Gdańsk): Expanding Agree. Pages: 89-102. [Pdf]

Adam Przepiórkowski (Warszawa): On case transmission in Polish control and raising constructions. Pages: 103-123. [Pdf]

Bożena Rozwadowska (Wrocław) and Ewa Willim (Cracow): The role of the accusative/partitive alternation in aspectual composition in Polish. Pages: 125-142. [Pdf]

Ewa Rudnicka-Mosiądz (Wrocław ): The role of the perfective aspect in the interpretation of NPs. Pages: 143-153. [Pdf]

Przemysław Tajsner (Poznań): Object Shift and movement in the phonological component in the DBP framework. Pages: 155-174. [Pdf]

Jacek Witkoś (Poznań): Raising expletives. Pages: 175-195. [Pdf]

Jacek Witkoś (Poznań): Reviewing phases: On some concepts and consequences of phase-based minimalism. Pages: 197-251. [Pdf]