PSiCL Volume 38 (2002-2003)

Table of contents

Chris Aleksander (Poznań): An analysis of non-prototypical concord in Polish and English. Pages: 5-25. [Pdf]

Eleni Bužarovska (Skopje): Nominalization mechanism in verba percepiendi complements. Pages: 27-39. [Pdf]

Eugeniusz Cyran (Lublin): Licensing strength and syllable structure in Government Phonology. Pages: 41-73. [Pdf]

Małgorzata Deroń (Poznań): Nominal morphology of English computer loanwords in Dutch. Pages: 75-88. [Pdf]

M. Tayo Lamidi (Ibadan): The tone as a negative marker in Ijesa sentences. Pages: 89-101. [Pdf]

Hameed Mattar (Bahrain): Is avoidance ruled out by similarity? The case of subordinating conjunctions/adverbs in English and Arabic. Pages: 103-115. [Pdf]

Joanna Pawelczyk (Poznań): "Whatever we say is gendered", or isn't it? A study in the perception of masculinity and feminity in language. Pages: 117-132. [Pdf]

Piotr Ruszkiewicz (Kraków): On the status of infixation and circumfixation in English morphology. Pages: 133-166. [Pdf]

Joanna Sadownik (Szczecin): Minimalist faculty of language, computational system and logic. Pages: 167-185. [Pdf]

Joanna Śmiecińska (Poznań): Stative verbs and the progressive aspect in English. Pages: 187-195. [Pdf]

Przemysław Tajsner (Poznań): Optimal desing, imperfections, and dislocation. Pages: 197-219. [Pdf]

Anna Truszczyńska (Toruń): Conceptual metonymy - the problem of boundaries in the light of ICMs. Pages: 221-237. [Pdf]


Alice Mwihaki (Kenyatta): Viewing speech pathology as an aspect of Applied Linguistics. Pages: 239-253. [Pdf]

Review article

Marcin Kilarski (Poznań): Review article of Systems of Nominal Classification edited by Gunter Senft. Pages: 255-272. [Pdf]

Marcin Ptaszyński and Marcin Kilarski (Poznań): Review article of A dictionary of European anglicism. A usage dictionary of anglicism edited by Marfred Görlach. Pages: 273-305. [Pdf]


Małgorzata Fabiszak and Ewelina Jagła (Poznań): Words: Structure, meaning and Function. A festschrift for Dieter Kastovsky edited by Christine Dalton-Puffer and Nikolaus Ritt. Pages: 307-313. [Pdf]

Jolanta Szpyra-Kozłowska (Lublin) : The Phonological Structure of Words by Colin J. Ewen and Harry van der Hulst. Pages: 315-320. [Pdf]