PSiCL Volume 37 (2001)

Table of contents

John Anderson (Edinburgh): Finiteness, in Grek, and elsewhere. Pages: 5-33. [Pdf]

Anna Bondaruk (Lublin): Pro-drop in Polish and Irish. Pages: 35-52. [Pdf]

Justyna Frankiewicz (Lublin): A syllabic analysis of vowel epenthesis in the suffix -ed in English. Pages: 53-69. [Pdf]

Dorota Głowacka (Poznań): Unstressed vowel delection and new consonant clusters in English. Pages: 71-94. [Pdf]

Eva Lavric (Vienna): Applied semantics of determiners: German jeder, French chaque/tout, Spanish cada/todo. Pages: 95-113. [Pdf]

Lewis Mukattash (Amman): Some remarks on Arabic-English contrastive studies. Pages: 115-126. [Pdf]

Paul M. Musau (Nairobi): Adapting an African language as a medium of instruction at the university: The case of Kiswahili in Kenya. Pages: 127-137. [Pdf]

Alice Mwihaki (Nairobi): Consonant-vowel harmony: Evidence from the phonotactics of loanword adaptation. Pages: 139-145. [Pdf]

Aleksandra Oszmiańska (Poznań): Sound symbolism as a universal drive to associate sound with meaning: A comparison between English and Japanese. Pages: 147-155. [Pdf]

Teodor Petrič (Maribor) : Acquisition of marked consonant clusters in German as a foreign language. Pages: 157-186. [Pdf]

Danko Šipka (Poznań): Phonological and semantic markers in the substandard lexicon. Pages: 187-194. [Pdf]

Joanna Śmiecińska (Poznań): Towards a minimalist analysis of the argument-adjunct assymetries in English. Pages: 195-209. [Pdf]

Review article

Barbara Kryk-Kastovsky (Poznań): Review article of Diachronic pragmaticsby Leslie K. Arnovick. Pages: 211-220. [Pdf]

Marcin Kilarski (Poznań): Review article of Gender in grammar and cognition edited by Barbara Unterbeck and Matti Rissanen. Pages: 221-230. [Pdf]


Rajendra Singh: Morphological Analysis in Comparison. by Wolfhang Dressler, Oskar E. Pfeiffer, Markus Pőchtrager, and John R. Rennison. Pages: 231-234. [Pdf]