PSiCL Volume 36 (2000)

Table of contents

Lafi M. Alharbi (Kuwait): "Communicative' and 'gopher' forms in cross-cultural communication: analysis in linguistic and cultural compenents of the business letter. Pages: 7-26. [Pdf]

Anna Cieślicka (Poznań): The effect of language proficiency and L2 vocabulary learning strategies on patterns of bilingual lexical processing. Pages: 27-53. [Pdf]

Marianna Chodorowska-Plich (Los Angeles) : Grammaticalization of politeness through the imperfective past in Spanisch and Polisch. Pages: 55-70. [Pdf]

Shehdeh Fareh and Jihad Hamdan (Amman): Locative alternation in English and Jordanian spoken Arabic. Pages: 71-93. [Pdf]

Moheiddin A. Homeidi (Riyadh): A syntactic contrastive analysis of the reletive clauses in Arabic and English in the GB with reference to translation. Pages: 95-110. [Pdf]

Vladimir Khairoulline (Ufal): The categorisation of time in English vs. Russian. Pages: 111-122. [Pdf]

Michael Moss (Gdańsk): NP and S structures: A multiple-specifer approach with evidence from English and Polish. Pages: 123-150. [Pdf]

Andrzej M. Skrzypiec (Wrocław): A preliminary study of Welsh passives and their Polish equivalents. Pages: 151-157. [Pdf]

Jacek Witkoś (Poznań): On the preference principle and some aspects of reconstruction in A' and A chains in Polish. Pages: 159-181. [Pdf]

Review article

Agnieszka Kiełkiewicz-Janowiak (Poznań): Review article of Cross-cultural dimensions of politeness in the case of Polish and English by Ewa Jakubowska. Pages: 183-190. [Pdf]

Replies and discussions

Marcin Kilarski (Poznań) and Peter Trudgill (Fribourg): The function of linguistic gender: A discussion. Pages: 191-201. [Pdf]


Arleta Adamska-Sałaciak (Poznań): The emergence of the modern language sciences: Studies in the transition from historical-comparative to structural linguistics in honour of E.F.K. Koerner. by Sheila Embleton, John E. Joseph and Hans-Josef Niederehe. Pages: 203-205. [Pdf]