PSiCL Volume 34 (1998)

Table of contents

Sylvia Moosmüller (Vienna): The process of monophthongization in Austria (reading material and spontaneous speech). Pages: 9-25. [Pdf]

Fernando Sánchez Miret (Salamanca): Some reflections on the notion of diphthong. Pages: 27-51. [Pdf]

A. Majid Hayali (Ahwaz): A contrastive analysis of English and Persian intonation. Pages: 53-72. [Pdf]

Przemyslaw Tajsner (Poznań): Xp-fronting in Polish. Pages: 75-99. [Pdf]

Piotr Stalmaszczyk (Łódź): On defining predication in generative grammar. Pages: 101-121. [Pdf]

Mohammed Odeh Al-Shorafat (Irbid): The minimalist program and the structure of Arabic clauses in an AGR-based model. Pages: 123-139. [Pdf]

Rami W. Hamdallah (Nablus) and Hanna Y. Tusliych (Bethlehem): A contrastive analysis of English and Arabic in relativization. Pages: 141-152. [Pdf]

Li Li (Tianjin): A comparison of word order in English and Chinese. Pages: 153-161. [Pdf]

Saleh M. Suleiman (Jordan): The interaction between the passive transformation and other transformations in English and Arabic. Pages: 163-186. [Pdf]

Woo-Hyun Jung (Yeungnam): A conlrastive discourse analysis of passives in English and Korean. Pages: 187-198. [Pdf]

Lihi Yariv-Laor (Jerusalem) and Tamar Sovran (Jerusalem): The structure of linguistic asymmetry: Evidence from Hebrew and Chinese. Pages: 199-213. [Pdf]

Philip A. Luelsdorff (Regensburg): Entailment as determinacy. Pages: 217-232. [Pdf]

Anuška Štambuk (Split): Tends of cognitive linguistics as a framework for teminology research. Pages: 233-243. [Pdf]

Piotr Twardzisz (Lublin): Seeing things: Mass and count nouns in focus. Pages: 245-260. [Pdf]

Danko Šipka (Poznań): The onlin alternation in Serbo-Croatian and Polish: An exercise in cognitive linguistics and decision theory. Pages: 261-271. [Pdf]

Michał Szawerna (Wrocław) and Piotr Czajka (Wrocław): The conceptualization of an abstract notion of discourse us a journey in selected lexical phrases with the noun point. Pages: 273-284. [Pdf]

Julia Lavid (Madrid): Discourse functions of conditionals in multilingual instructions: A corpus study on ordering variants. Pages: 285-301. [Pdf]

Shehdeh Fareh (Jordan): The Junctions of and and wa in English and Arabic written discourse. Pages: 303-312. [Pdf]

Anna Ewert (Poznań): Processing constraints in child foreign language acquisition. Pages: 313-330. [Pdf]