PSiCL Volume 33 (1997)

Table of contents

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk (Poznań): Preface. Pages: 7-. [Pdf]

Wolfgang U. Dressler (Vienna): Introduction. Pages: 9-14. [Pdf]

Marianne Kilani-Schoch (Lausanne), Anna de Marco (Calabria), Anastasia Christofidou (Athens), Maria Vassilakou (Vienna), Ralf Vollmann (Graz), Wolfgang U. Dressler (Vienna): On the demarcation of phases in early morphology acquisition in four languages. Pages: 15-32. [Pdf]

Ulrike Hasiba (Graz): Crosslinguistic comparison in concept formation: Locality and possession. Pages: 33-49. [Pdf]

Stella Ceytlin (St.-Petersburg): Acquisition of possessive relations by a Russian child. Pages: 51-58. [Pdf]

Ralf Vollmann (Graz), Maria Sedlak (Vienna), Brigitta Miiller (Vienna), Maria Vassilakou (Vienna): Early verb inflection and noun plural formation in 4 Austrian children: The demarcation of phases and interindividual variation. Pages: 59-78. [Pdf]

Dorit Ravid (Tel Aviv): Early morphological development a duo: Pre- to protomorphology in Hebrew-speaking twins. Pages: 79-102. [Pdf]

Livia Tonelli (Trieste), Giuseppe Cappelli (Pisa), Elisabetta Lanzetta (Pisa), Serena Bonifacio (Trieste), Wolfgang Dressier (Vienna), Anna Thornton (L'Aquila): The application of 'MORF' to the study of the development of Italian verb morphology. Pages: 103-116. [Pdf]

Barbara Pfeiler and Enrique Martín Briceño (Herida, Yukatan): Early verb inflection in Yucatec Maya. Pages: 117-125. [Pdf]

Anastasia Christofidou (Athens) and Ursula Stephany (Cologne): The early development of case forms in the speech of a Greek boy: A preliminary investigation. Pages: 127-139. [Pdf]

Maria D. Voeykova (St.-Petersburg): Acquisition of adjectival inflections (secondary paradigms in child Russian). Pages: 141-151. [Pdf]

Ekaterina Protassova (Moscow): Transition from babbling to word structure. Pages: 153-158. [Pdf]

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk (Poznań): Pre- and proto- in Polish phonology and morphology and their interrelations. Pages: 159-171. [Pdf]