PSiCL Volume 31 (1997)

Table of contents

Maria Dakowska (Warszawa): Theories of second language learning. A paradigm shift?. Pages: 5-17. [Pdf]

Rasoul Khafaji (Mafraq): Arabic translation alternatives for the passive in English. Pages: 19-37. [Pdf]

Murtadha J. Bakir (Basrah): Notes on passive and pseudo-intransitive constructions in English and Arabic. Pages: 39-49. [Pdf]

Przemysław Tajsner (Poznań): Some notes on adjunction to VP. Pages: 51-63. [Pdf]

Jacek Witkoś (Poznań): On NegP and the structure of the Polish clause. Pages: 65-96. [Pdf]

Piotr Stalmaszczyk (Łódź): Theta roles and the theory of theta-binding. Pages: 97-110. [Pdf]

Anna Bondaruk (Lublin): On parasitic gaps in Polish. Pages: 111-125. [Pdf]

Robert Lew (Poznań): Exploitation of linguistic ambiguity in Polish and English jokes. Pages: 127-133. [Pdf]

Zbigniew Nadstoga (Poznań): Translation teaching in the context of foreign language pedagogy:Some considerations. Pages: 135-140. [Pdf]