PSiCL Volume 8

Suzanne Whalen (Toronto): The impersonal sentence in Russian and Romanian 5. Pages: 5-67. [Pdf]

William A. Bennett (London): Differential identity between languages - a study of assertion and interrogation in French and English. Pages: 69-78. [Pdf]

Eva A. Stephanides (Budapest): The use of the article in English and Hungarian: a contrastive analysis. Pages: 79-93. [Pdf]

Wiesław Oleksy (Bydgoszcz): A semantic analysis of WHO, WHAT, WHOSE, and WHICH and their counterparts in Polish. Pages: 95-112. [Pdf]

Barbara Kryk (Poznań): Some remarks on the verbs of perception in English and Polish . Pages: 113-131. [Pdf]

Hakan Ringbom (Abo): What differences are there between Finns and Swedish-speaking Finns learning English. Pages: 133-145. [Pdf]