PSiCL Volume 7

Maria Grzegorek (Poznań): A note on semantic representation of lexical items and on lexical gaps. Pages: 5-19. [Pdf]

Hans U. Boas (Gottingen): Some remarks on case grammars as bases for contrastive studies. Pages: 21-32. [Pdf]

Barbara Fedorowicz-Bacz (Cracov): Are exclusively attributive adjectives ''transpositional'?- some comments on the nature of lexical rules as opposed to syntactic transformations. Pages: 33-48. [Pdf]

John W. Dewees (Athens, Ohio): Epenthesis or deletion - I could do. Pages: 49-60. [Pdf]

Claus Faorch (Copenhagen): A contrastive description of deixis in Danish and English . Pages: 61-72. [Pdf]

Jerzy Wełna (Warsaw): Deceptive words. A study in the contrastive lexicon of Polish and English. Pages: 73-84. [Pdf]

Moira Linnarud (Lund): Some aspects of style in the source and the target language. Pages: 85-94. [Pdf]

Wiesław Oleksy (Bydgoszcz): Tags in English and equivalent constructions in Polish. Pages: 95-109. [Pdf]

Andrew Chesterman (Helsinki): Defmiteness in Finnish. Pages: 111-120. [Pdf]

Naum R. Dimitrijević (Belgrade): Testing and contrastive analysis. Pages: 121-131. [Pdf]

Naum R. Dimitrijević (Belgrade): Problems and implication of contrastive analysis of vocabulary and culture. Pages: 133-144. [Pdf]

Rudolf Thiem (Paderborn): Towards an erasure principle for Oerman and English infinitive complements. Pages: 145-157. [Pdf]

Elżbieta Muskat-Tabakowska (Cracow): Some aspects of modification in English and Polish - pedagogical implications. Pages: 159-169. [Pdf]

Aleksandra Mieszek (Poznań): Bibliography of English-Polish contrastive studies in Poland. Pages: 171-188. [Pdf]