PSiCL Volume 6

Tomasz P. Krzeszowski (Łódż): Contrastive analysis in a new dimension. Pages: 5-16. [Pdf]

Karol Janicki (Poznań): On the feasibility of pedagogical contrastive sociolinguisiics. Pages: 17-24. [Pdf]

Mirosław Nowakowski (Poznań): The lexicon and contrastive language studies. Pages: 25-42. [Pdf]

Edmund Gussmann (Lublin): Variation and argumentation in phonology. Pages: 43-62. [Pdf]

Jerzy Rubach (Warsaw): Contrastive phonostylistics. Pages: 63-72. [Pdf]

Nina Nowakowska (Poznań): Semantic equivalence and style. Pages: 73-76. [Pdf]

Barbara Fedorowicz-Bacz (Cracow): Material modifiers in Englisli and Polish nominal phrases. Pages: 77-90. [Pdf]

Alicja Pisarska (Poznań): The element of negation in English and Polish comparative constructions. Pages: 91-98. [Pdf]

Dorothea Lehmann (Paderborn): A confrontation of SAY, SPEAK, TALK, TELL with possible German counterparts. Pages: 99-109. [Pdf]

Barbara Fedorowicz-Bacz (Cracow): Syntactic function of negative prefixes in English and Polish participial adjec ives. Pages: 111-122. [Pdf]

Janina Ozga (Cracow): Teaching English articulatory settings to Polish learners. Pages: 123-128. [Pdf]