PSiCL Volume 4

Roland Sussex (Clayton): A note on stress assignment in Polish noun phrases. Pages: 5-12. [Pdf]

Aleksander Szwedek (Bydgoszcz): The role of sentence stress in the interpretation of coreferentiality in English and Polish. Pages: 13-23. [Pdf]

Maria Bańczerowska (Poznań): Finnish and Polish vowels (a preliminary contrastive approach). Pages: 25-36. [Pdf]

Wolf-Dietrich Bald (Aachen): Contrastive studies in English and German intonation: a survey. Pages: 37-47. [Pdf]

Jan Cyran (Wrocław): The feature "syllabic" in resonants and semivowels. Pages: 49-52. [Pdf]

Wiesław Awedyk (Poznań): Some remarks on generative contrastive phonology. Pages: 53-60. [Pdf]

Janina Ozga (Cracow): The relevance of the notion "basis of articulation" to contrastive phonetics. Pages: 61-73. [Pdf]

Stanislaw Puppel (Poznań): Final consonant clusters in English and Polish. Pages: 75-88. [Pdf]

Tomasz P. Krzeszowski (Łódź): On some linguistic limitations of classical contrastive analyses. Pages: 89-95. [Pdf]

Tadeusz Zabrocki (Poznań): On the so-called "theoretical contrastive studies. Pages: 97-109. [Pdf]

Tim Shopen (Arlington) and Walerian Świeczkowski (Lublin): Some remarks on ellipsis in Polish and English. Pages: 111-126. [Pdf]

Tim Shopen (Arlington) and Walerian Świeczkowski (Lublin): Some remarks on ellipsis in Polish and English. Pages: 111-126. [Pdf]

Janina Ozga (Cracow): Clitics in English and Polish. Pages: 127-140. [Pdf]

Mirosław Nowakowski (Poznań): Nominals in contrastive studies. English nominal compounds and their Polish equivalents . Pages: 141-152. [Pdf]

Alicja Wołoszyk-Pisarska (Poznań): Basic characteristics of comparative constructions in English and Polish. Pages: 153-165. [Pdf]

Henry Niedzielski (Cracow): Polish and English pseudo-reflexives. Pages: 167-198. [Pdf]

Anna Melerowicz (Poznań): On the semantics of some English and Polish verbs. Pages: 199-204. [Pdf]

Piotr Kakietek (Katowice): Formal characteristics of the modal auxiliaries in English and Polish. Pages: 205-216. [Pdf]

Barbara Lewandowska (Łódź): Types of verb complementation in English and their equivalents in Polish. Pages: 217-230. [Pdf]

Christian Todenhagen (Paderborn): English and German possessional adjectives: a linguistic explanation for an error of omission. Pages: 231-239. [Pdf]

Barbara Fedorowicz-Bacz (Cracow): Semantic problems with "left" and "right". Pages: 241-263. [Pdf]

Aleksander Szwedek (Bydgoszcz): Pronouns as articles?. Pages: 265-271. [Pdf]

Zenon Jaranowski (Łódź): Selected contrastive features in English - Polish grammar of transitive verbs. Pages: 273-296. [Pdf]

Michael Sharwood Smith (Utrecht): Interlanguage and intralanguage paraphrase. Pages: 297-301. [Pdf]

Barbara Lewandowska (Łódź): Derivation of infinitives in English and Polish. Pages: 303-317. [Pdf]

Elżbieta Muskat-Tabakowska (Cracow): Syntactic ambiguity and the teaching of written English to advanced Polish learners - norm and usage. Pages: 319-332. [Pdf]

Michael Sharwood Smith (Utrecht): Collected exercises for intermediate and advanced Polish learners of English. Pages: 333-357. [Pdf]

Maria Kawińska (Poznań): Bibliography of English-Polish contrastive studies in Poland. Pages: 359-367. [Pdf]