PSiCL Volume 30 (1995)

Table of Contents

Mike Reynolds (Sheffield): Where the trouble lies: Cross-cultural pragmatics and miscommunication. Pages: 5-15. [Pdf]

Filip Devos (Gent): Contrastive grammar: Tenets and criteria. Pages: 17-29. [Pdf]

Edmund A. Ronowicz (Sydney): Aussies are friendly and Poles aren't rude. Pages: 31-44. [Pdf]

Thanos Kakouriotis (Thessaloniki): "Lexical extension": Some lexicographical notes concerning the Modern Greek verb piyeno and the relation of its arguments. Pages: 45-54. [Pdf]

Anatoly Dorodnych (Słupsk): A study of requests in English, Russian and Ukrainian. Pages: 55-63. [Pdf]

Manfred Kienpointner (Innsbruck): Sentence patterns in Latin and German: A contrastive analysis. Pages: 65-84. [Pdf]

Wilfried Wieden (Salzburg): From SLA to VSLA. A knowledge-oriented view. Pages: 85-95. [Pdf]

Margaret Polomska and Herman Wekker (Groningen): Linguistic evidence in L2 acquisition. Pages: 97-117. [Pdf]

Shehdeh Fareh (Amman): Foregrounding devices and their functions in Arabic and English writ ten discourses. Pages: 119-130. [Pdf]

Bożena T. Rozwadowska (Wrocław): Configurational hypothesis and Polish NPs. Pages: 131-144. [Pdf]

Katherine Gorodenskaya and Isabella Buniyatova (Kiev): The development of analytical trends in Modern Literary Ukrainian. Pages: 145-153. [Pdf]

Lyubov A. Prozorova (Moscow): Semantics of characterization: Theme and rheme revisited. Pages: 155-166. [Pdf]

Eugeniusz Cyran (Lublin): Two makes three? Vowel quantity in Modern Irish. Pages: 167-184. [Pdf]

Natalia Gvishiani (Moscow): Towards contrastive study of national terminologies. Pages: 185-190. [Pdf]