PSiCL Volume 3

Maria Lipińska (Poznań): Contrastive analysis and the modern theory of language. Pages: 5-62. [Pdf]

Dennis B. Preston (Poznań): Contrastive analysis - the outlook from modern grammar. Pages: 63-72. [Pdf]

Dennis R. Preston (Poznań): Deeper and deeper contrastive analysis. Pages: 73-84. [Pdf]

Michael Sharwood Smith (Poznań): Imperfective versus progressive - an exercise in contrastive pedagogical linguistics. Pages: 85-90. [Pdf]

Michael Sharwood Smith (Poznań): Aspects of future reference in English and Polish. Pages: 91-98. [Pdf]

Elżbieta Muskat-Tabakowska (Cracow): Syntactic ambiguity and the teaching of written English to advanced Polish learners - grammar or style?. Pages: 99-111. [Pdf]

Edmund Gussmann (Lublin): How do phonological rules compare?. Pages: 113-123. [Pdf]

Jerzy Rubach (Warsaw): Low phonetic voice assimilation with obstruents in Polish and English. Pages: 125-139. [Pdf]

Jerzy Rubach (Warsaw): On contextual modifications of plosives. Pages: 141-157. [Pdf]

Bogusław Marek (Lublin): Intonation and emphasis in Polish and English. Pages: 159-165. [Pdf]

Barbara Lewandowska (Łódź): On some properties of action nominals in Polish and their English equivalents. Pages: 167-176. [Pdf]

Maria Grala (Poznań): Unrelated active participles in Polish and English: a transformational contrastive study. Pages: 177-183. [Pdf]

Maria Sysak-Borońska (Katowice): Some remarks on the spatio-relative system in English and Polish. Pages: 185-208. [Pdf]

Aleksander Szwedek (Łódź): Coreference and sentence stress in English and Polish. Pages: 209-213. [Pdf]

Monika Ostaszewska (Warsaw): A commentary on adjective-phrase complementation in English and Polish. Pages: 215-223. [Pdf]

Aleksandra Mieszek (Poznań): Some remarks on pseudo-cleft sentences in English and Polish. Pages: 225-242. [Pdf]

Magdalena Jakóbczyk-Rakowska (Poznań): Polish "sam" and its English equivalents. Pages: 243-249. [Pdf]

Teresa Olszewska (Lublin): Causative constructions in English and Polish. A contrastive study. Pages: 251-266. [Pdf]

Roman Kalisz (Gdańsk): Some observations concerning clauses of result in English and Polish. Pages: 267-279. [Pdf]

: . Pages: -. [Pdf]

Tomasz Krzeszowski (Łódź): Language structures in contrast by Di Pietro, R.. Pages: 281-290. [Pdf]

Anna Falendysz (Poznań) : Bibliography of English - Polish contrastive studies in Poland. Pages: 291-297. [Pdf]