PSiCL Volume 29 (1994)

Table of contents

Christian Mair (Freiburg):Crosslinguistic semantic motivation for the use of a grammatical construction in English and German: X IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO/X IST UNMOGLICH ZU SCHAFFEN. Pages: 5-15. [Pdf]

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk (Poznań):Acquisitional evidence against the phonological syllable . Pages: 17 -30. [Pdf]

Carl James (Bangor) and Kerstin Klein (Jena):Foreign language learners' spelling and proof- reading strategies. Pages: 31-46. [Pdf]

Li Chiu Ming and Li Li (Tianjin):A comparison of cleft sentences in English and SHI sentences in Chinese . Pages: 47-60. [Pdf]

Li Chiu Ming and Li Li (Tianjin):Relativization in English and Chinese. Pages: 61-75. [Pdf]

Jana Slavičková (Prague):Graders in academic speech. Pages: 77-90. [Pdf]

Mohammed Farghal (Irbid):The Wh-movement hypothesis: Counterevidence from Arabic. Pages: 91-104. [Pdf]

Ewa Dąbrowska (Gdańsk):Some English equivalents of Polish dative constructions. Pages: 105-121. [Pdf]

M. Homeidi (Tripoli):Government and binding and case assignment in modern standard Arabic. Pages: 123-139. [Pdf]

Victor Lychyk (Washington):English borrowings in recent Soviet Russian. Pages: 141-156. [Pdf]

Jelisaveta Milojevič (Belgrade):Distinctive features in the structure of English and Serbo-Croatian noun compounds. Pages: 157-180. [Pdf]

Hussein Abdul-Fattah and Shahir El-Hassan (Irbid):Syntactic errors of Jordanian school children in English: The role of the native language. Pages: 181-204. [Pdf]

Shahir El-Hassan (Irbid):English accentuation and vowel quality as pronounced by Arabs: A pedagogic statement. Pages: 205-216. [Pdf]

Wiesław Awedyk (Poznań):Cross style argumentation. Pages: 217-218. [Pdf]

T.F. Mitchell and Shahir El-Hassan:English pronunciation for Arabic speakers by Eirlys E. Davies and A. Bentahila. Pages: 219-221. [Pdf]