PSiCL Volume 28 (1993)

Table of Contents

Christian Mair (Freiburg):A crosslinguistic functional constraint on believe type raising in English and selected other European languages. Pages: 5-19. [Pdf]

F. Devos, L. Martens and R. de Muynck (Ghent):Object problems in contrastive analysis. Pages: 21-38. [Pdf]

Katarzyna Jaszczołt (Oxford):De relde dicto; a semantics of belief sentences. Pages: 89-64. [Pdf]

Kay McCormick (Cape Town):Language shift in District Six: snapshots and frames . Pages: 65-78. [Pdf]

Zhwei Feng (Trier):Complex features in the description of the Chinese Language. Pages: 79-87. [Pdf]

Abdullah Talal Shunnnaq (Irbid):Patterns of repetitions in Arabic forced by morphology with reference to Arabic-English translation. Pages: 89-98. [Pdf]

Mohammed Farghal (Irbid):The theory of PRO and Arabic empty categories. Pages: 99-108. [Pdf]

George M. Horn (Newcastle):Toward a unified theory of control in functional grammar . Pages: 109-136. [Pdf]

Raija Markkanen (Jyväskylä), Margaret Steffensen (Normal) and Avon Crismore (Fort Wayne) :Quantitative contrastive study of rnetadiscourse. Pages: 137-151. [Pdf]

Jacek Witkoś (Poznań):The theory of X-binding and some aspects of scrambling in Polish. Pages: 153 -179. [Pdf]

Rami W. Hamdallah and Hanna Y. Tushyehh (Nablus):A contrastive analysis of selected English and Arabic prepositions. Pages: 181-190. [Pdf]

Barbara Sobierajska (Lyon):Pragmatics and contrastive linguistics; the French cleft structure C'EST QUIIQUE' and some of its Polish equivalents. Pages: 191-199. [Pdf]

Wout van Bekkum and Hans Hamburger (Groningen):A contrastive Study of verbal gender in modern Hebrew and modern Russian. Pages: 201-222. [Pdf]