PSiCL Volume 27 (1992)

Table of Contents

Jerzy Bańczerowski (Poznań):A theory of predicative structure. Insights from Japanese and Korean. Pages: 5-26. [Pdf]

Harbir Arora and K.V. Subbarao (Delhi):Contrastive analysis and syntactic change. Pages: 27-37. [Pdf]

Carl James (Bangor):Accomodation in crosslanguage encounters. Pages: 39-48. [Pdf]

Philip A. Luelsdorff (Regensburg):From print to sound. Pages: 49-65. [Pdf]

Yelena Tarasova (Kharkov):Contrastive linguistics and the linguistic field theory. Pages: 67-77. [Pdf]

Richard M. Weist (Fredonia), Aleksandra Kaczmarek and Jolanta Wysocka (Poznań):The function of aspectual configurations in the conversational and narrative discourse of Finnish, Polish, and American children. Pages: 79-106. [Pdf]

Roman Kalisz (Gdańsk):Different cultures, different languages, and different speech acts revisited. Pages: 107-118. [Pdf]

Karen M. Lauridsen (Aarhus):Principles for a syntactico-semantic contrastive analysis of the modal verbs in English and Danish. Pages: 119-132. [Pdf]

Piotr Stalmaszczyk (Łódź):The English middle construction and lexical semantics. Pages: 133 -147. [Pdf]

Tony T. N. Hung (Singapore):Syntactic conditions on suprasegmental phonological rules in Chinese and English. Pages: 149-158. [Pdf]

Thaddeus Z. Gasiński (Sydney):On the meaning of the Polish and Russian quantifying cases used with masculine substantives. Pages: 159-168. [Pdf]

Aziz Khalil (Bethlehem):Arabic translations of English passive sentences: problems and acceptability judgements. Pages: 169-181. [Pdf]

Andrzej Kopczyński (Warsaw) and Rouag Meliani (Constantine):The vowels of Arabic and English. Pages: 183-192. [Pdf]

Andrzej Kopczyński (Warsaw) and Rouag Meliani (Constantine):The consonants of Arabic and English. Pages: 193-203. [Pdf]

Wojciech Kubiński (Gdańsk):The advancement analysis of impersonal passives and the 1-advancee preservation law. Pages: 205-211. [Pdf]

Vladislav Golovan (Kharkov):On semantic and communicative motivation in word order change. Pages: 213-218. [Pdf]

James L. Wyatt (Florida):Automatic phonetic transcription of Spanish text: native speaker dialects and foreign speaker simulation. Pages: 219-229. [Pdf]

Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk (Poznań):On aspiration. Pages: 231-234. [Pdf]