PSiCL Volume 26 (1991)

Table of Contents

Karol Janicki (Poznań):A brief falsificationist look at contrastive sociolinguistics. Pages: 5-10. [Pdf]

W. A. Bennett (London):The locus of French gender concord. Pages: 11-14. [Pdf]

John R. Canavan (Dortmund):On the English Perfect Tense and current relevance implicatures. Pages: 15-28. [Pdf]

Paul B. Stevens (Cairo):Teaching French to Spanish speakers: some typical patterns of error. Pages: 29-38. [Pdf]

Ole Lauridsen (Aarhus):The Passive and passivizabUity in Danish and German. Pages: 39-56. [Pdf]

Mohammad Awwad (Iibid):Equivalence and translatability of English and Arabic idioms. Pages: 57-67. [Pdf]

Luiza Melo Dreasher and Janet Anderson-Hsieh (Ames):Universals in interlanguage phonologi: the case of Brazilian ESL learners. Pages: 69-92. [Pdf]

Alia Martynyuk (Kharkov):Social relations and sex stereotyping in language. Pages: 93-101. [Pdf]

Alia Martynyuk (Kharkov):A contrastive study of male and female occupational terms in English and Russian. Pages: 103-110. [Pdf]

Jacek Rysiewicz (Poznań):The English palatalization rule in second language acquisition. Pages: 111-122. [Pdf]

Riyad Fayez Hussein (Irbid):Collocations: the missing link in vocabulary acquisition amongst EFL learners. Pages: 123-136. [Pdf]

Yishai Tobin (Be'er Sheva):Principles for a contrastive phonotactics: the Hebrew triconsonental (CCC) root system a case in point. Pages: 137-153. [Pdf]

Irina Frolova (Kharkov):English/Russian nominal sentences-expressives: contrastive analysis. Pages: 155-157. [Pdf]

Lotfollah Yarmohammadi (Shiraz):A working framework for a pedagogical contrastive grammar of Persian end English: from sentence to discourse . Pages: 159-165. [Pdf]

John M. Doherty (Cleveland):Perspectives on van Voorst's theory of event structure. Pages: 167-186. [Pdf]