PSiCL Volume 24 (1989)

Table of Contents

Philip A. Luelsdorff (Regensburg):Bilingual intralinguistic orthographic interference. Pages: 5-14. [Pdf]

Wolfgang U. Dressler (Vienna) and Lavinia Merlini Barbaresi (Parma):Reassociation of sentence melodies. Pages: 15-18. [Pdf]

Grażyna Rowicka (Białystok):English word stress and empty vowel slots. Pages: 19-31. [Pdf]

Maciej Pakosz (Lublin) and Vanessa Flaschner (Los Angeles):Prosodic features and narrative strategies in Polish discourse. Pages: 33-46. [Pdf]

Roland Noske (Amsterdam):A parameter of syllabification. Pages: 47-59. [Pdf]

Piotr Ruszkiewicz (Opole):Remarks on voicing phenomena: with special reference to English and Polish. Pages: 61-81. [Pdf]

Thanasis Kakouriotis (Thessaloniki):The definite articles in English and Mod. Greek: a comparison. Pages: 83-92. [Pdf]

Anna Duszak (Warsaw):Natural categorization and functional sentence perspective. Pages: 93-109. [Pdf]

Barbara Dancygier (Warsaw):Conditionals and concessives. Pages: 111-121. [Pdf]

Barbara Dancygier (Warsaw):A note on the so-called indicative conditionals. Pages: 123-131. [Pdf]

Barbara Schwarte (Ames):A review of L2 complementation production studies. Pages: 133-148. [Pdf]

Peter Harder (Copenhagen):Contrastive linguistics in the classroom. Pages: 149-160. [Pdf]

Klára Falk-Bánó (Budapest):Characteristics of language shift in two American-Hungarian bilingual communities. Pages: 161-170. [Pdf]

Ewa Jaworska (Oxford):Intransitive prepositions in Polish. Pages: 171-182. [Pdf]

Guillermo Bartlet (Northridge):Intransitive prepositions in Apachean English. Pages: 183-198. [Pdf]