PSiCL Volume 19

Udo O. H. Jung (Marburg): ConPrastwe patholinguisUes: the acquisition of English grammatical morphemes by German dyslexics in a foreign-language teaching context. Pages: 5-21. [Pdf]

Marie-Louise Liebe-Harkort (West Berlin): Contrastive pragmatics. Pages: 23-28. [Pdf]

Kay Wikberg (Tromso): On questions in English and Swedish. Pages: 29-39. [Pdf]

Aleksander Szwedek (Bydgoszcz): On contrasting the sentence stress. Pages: 41-48. [Pdf]

Hubert Cuyckens (Antwerp): At - a typically English preposition. Pages: 49-64. [Pdf]

Éva H. Stephanides (Budapest): A oontrastive analysis of English some and any and their Hungarian equivalents. Pages: 65-83. [Pdf]

Wiesław Awedyk (Poznań): Parameters of linguistic stress: an experimental eontrastive study. Pages: 85-89. [Pdf]

Werner Hüllen (Essen): The use of ergative verbs by Oerman learners of English. A pilot study into interlangvage. Pages: 91-114. [Pdf]

Anna-Brita Stenström (Lund): English in speech and writing: A project report. Pages: 115-130. [Pdf]