PSiCL Volume 18

Ruta Nagucka (Cracow): Some comments on language data in Contrastive Analysis. Pages: 5-14. [Pdf]

Karol Janicki (Poznań): Contrastive sociolinguistics reconsidered. Pages: 15-29. [Pdf]

Jane Johnson (Poznań): Variations in Polish nasal /$/: a contribution to the development of contrastive sociolinguistio methodology. Pages: 31-41. [Pdf]

Broder Carstensen (Paderbom): Languages in contact and Contrastive Linguistics. Pages: 43-46. [Pdf]

Rosalyn Raney (Vienna and Berkeley): VSO and SVO order in Welsh and Breton. Pages: 47-54. [Pdf]

Anna Duszak (Warsaw): Topical sentence positions in English and Polish. Pages: 55-70. [Pdf]

Mary A. Kato (Sao Paulo): Verb initial constructions in Portuguese and their counterpart constructions in English. Pages: 71-79. [Pdf]

Barbara Kryk (Poznań): On some referential expressions in English and Polish. Pages: 81-90. [Pdf]

Johan van der Auwera (Antwerp): From temporal adverb to modal particle - some comparative remarks on Polish "czasem" ("sometimes"). Pages: 91-99. [Pdf]

Anna Charęzińska (Lublin): Conversational versus conventional implicature and some polarity items in Polish and English. Pages: 101-110. [Pdf]

Peter Hengstenberg (Paderbom): Stress-patterns of English phrasal nouns of the type make-up in German. Pages: 111-121. [Pdf]

Rosemarie Gläser (Leipzig): The translation aspect of phraseological units in English and German. Pages: 123-134. [Pdf]

Rolf Palmberg (Abo): On the use of the lexical avoidance strategies in foreign-language communication. Pages: 135-142. [Pdf]

Heinrich Kelz (Bonn): Contrastive and error analysis: Vietnamose-German. Pages: 143-152. [Pdf]