PSiCL Volume 15

Aleksander Szwedek (Bydgoszcz): Some problems of YES - NO answers. Pages: 5-11. [Pdf]

Christian Hougaard (Copenhagen): Danish versus Russian. A short analysis of the verb. Pages: 13-54. [Pdf]

Wojciech Kubiński (Gdańsk): Polish SIE constructions and their English counterpart . Pages: 55-65. [Pdf]

Michael Sharwood Smith (Utrecht): More on the time reference and the analysis of tense. Pages: 67-80. [Pdf]

Zenon Jaranowski (Łódź): On performatives. Pages: 81-93. [Pdf]

Alina Boniewicz (Poznań): Problems of raised constructions in English and Polish. Pages: 95-110. [Pdf]

Włodzimierz Rybarkiewicz (Łódź): Subject- and topic-prominence in Polish and English. Pages: 111-119. [Pdf]

Anna Charęzińska (Lublin): Some remarks on multiple negation in English and Polish. Pages: 121-136. [Pdf]

Danuta Wolfram-Romanowska (Poznań): The perception and imitation of the British English /?/ and /?/ by Polish speakers. Pages: 137-162. [Pdf]

Barbara Płocińska (Poznań): Bibliography of English-Polish contrastive studies in Poland . Pages: 163-192. [Pdf]