PSiCL Volume 13

Waylee Browne (Zagreb): Relative clauses and their antecedents in Serbo-Croatian and English: mutual restrictions. Pages: 5-16. [Pdf]

Dafydd Gibbon (Göttingen/Bielefeld): Metalocutions, structural types and functional variation in English and German. Pages: 17-39. [Pdf]

Ewa Modrzejewska (Gdańsk): Neg-raising predicates in English an Polish. Pages: 41-52. [Pdf]

Gisa Rauh (Göttingen): On coming and going in English and German. Pages: 53-68. [Pdf]

Howard Jackson (Birmingham): A comparison of sentence patterns in English and German. Pages: 69-81. [Pdf]

Hubert Haider (Vienna): Syntax in contrast. Pages: 83-100. [Pdf]

Ewa Mioduszewska (Warsaw): Presupposition and the scope of negation. Pages: 101-115. [Pdf]

Sven Jacobson (Stockholm): The placement of adverbs. Pages: 117-125. [Pdf]

Oscar Swan (Pittsburgh): Toward a contrastive analysis of tense and aspect in Polish and English. Pages: 127-131. [Pdf]

Tomasz P. Krzeszowski (Gdańsk): What do we need lexical contrastive studies for?. Pages: 133-148. [Pdf]

Andre Hantson (Namur): The syntax of English and French causative constructions. Pages: 149-173. [Pdf]

Frits Stuurman (Utrecht): On items introducing finite relative and interrogative clauses in English and Dutch. Pages: 175-184. [Pdf]

Aima Chareziriska (Lublin): Some observations on the English and Polish questionanswering systems. Pages: 185-197. [Pdf]

James T. Critz (Warsaw): English and Polish singular nouns and article usage in English. Pages: 199-221. [Pdf]

Oana Chelaru-Loniţă and Andrei Bantaş (Bucharest): English versus Bomanian collectives . Pages: 223-248. [Pdf]

H.-Ralf Steinbach (Paderborn): On the classification of errors in translation papers with some consideration of interference phenomena. Pages: 249-259. [Pdf]

Lewis Mukattash (Jordan): Problems in error analysis. Pages: 261-274. [Pdf]

Edward Y. Odisho (Baghdad): Teaching Arabic emphatics to the English learners of Arabic. Pages: 275-280. [Pdf]