PSiCL Volume 12

Hans-Heinrieh Lieb (West Berlin): Integrational linguistics as a basis for contrastive studies. Pages: 5-36. [Pdf]

Hanne Martinet (Copenhagen): A. functional and contrastive analysis of attributive adjectives ending in -ant and in -ende in French and Danish, respectively. Pages: 37-70. [Pdf]

Ewa Iwanicka (Poznań): On proper "improper answer". Pages: 71-78. [Pdf]

Tan Kusiecki (Warsaw): Latent bilingualism. Pages: 79-98. [Pdf]

René Dirven (Trier): Toivards a semantic syntax of English: the case of the modals can and may. Pages: 99-114. [Pdf]

James N. Pankhurst (Utrecht): Closer to a theory of tense for contrastive analysis. Pages: 115-136. [Pdf]