PSiCL Volume 10

Tom Wachtel (Poznań): A question of imperatives. Pages: 5-31. [Pdf]

Karol Janicki (Poznań): Gontrastive sociolinguistics - some methodological considerations. Pages: 33-40. [Pdf]

Thomas Herok and Livia Tonelli (Vienna): How to describe phonological variation. Pages: 41-55. [Pdf]

Philip Riley (Nancy): Towards a contrastive pragmalinguistics. Pages: 57-78. [Pdf]

Danuta Wolfram-Romanowska (Poznań): The perception and imitation of aspiration by Polish speakers. Pages: 79-86. [Pdf]

Małgorzata Górna (Lublin): Some aspects of the so-called verbal delition in English and Polish. Pages: 87-98. [Pdf]

Carl James (Bangor): The transfer of communicative competence. Pages: 99-108. [Pdf]

Kari Suomi (Turku): Equivalence in phonology: the case of Finnish stops vs. English stops. Pages: 109-124. [Pdf]

Wiesław Awedyk (Poznań): Towards a pedagogical contrastive phonology. Pages: 125-133. [Pdf]

Janusz Arabski (Katowice): Gontrastive studies and interlanguage. Pages: 135-143. [Pdf]