PSiCL Volume 1

Jacek Fisiak (Poznań): Preface. Pages: 5-6. [Pdf]

Jacek Fisiak (Poznań): The Polish-English Contrastive Project. Pages: 7-13. [Pdf]

Waldemar Marton (Poznań): Contrastive analysis in the classroom. Pages: 15-22. [Pdf]

Tadeusz Zabrocki (Poznań): Some grammatical implications of the contrastive analysis of English sentence adverbs and their equivalents in Polish. Pages: 23-38. [Pdf]

Maria Lipińska (Poznań): Some differences between English and Polish on the level of the basic sentence pattern. Pages: 39-46. [Pdf]

Wolf-Dietrich Bald (Mainz): A contrastive analysis of linking verbs in English and German. Pages: 47-63. [Pdf]

Stefan Konderski (Warsaw): Some surface and deep aspects of case in Polish and English. Pages: 65-76. [Pdf]

Piotr Kakietek (Poznań): "Must" and its equivalents in Polish. Pages: 77-86. [Pdf]

Anna Morel (Poznań): Some remarks on the relation between the complementizer and the form of the verb in the complement structure inEnglish and Polish. Pages: 87-91. [Pdf]

Andrzej Kopczyński (Warsaw): The Polish and English fricatives - a problem in phonological equivalence. Pages: 93-98. [Pdf]

Bogdan Lawendowski (Warsaw): Aspects of emotive language intensity in English and Polish. Pages: 99-106. [Pdf]

Tomasz P. Krzeszowski (Łódź): On the concept of "instrumental" case. Pages: 107-130. [Pdf]

Elżbieta Musfcat-Tabakowska (Cracow): The function of translation in foreign language teaching. Pages: 131-139. [Pdf]

Tadeusz Zabrocki (Poznań): Bibliography of English-Polish contrastive studies in Poland. Pages: 141-143. [Pdf]