PSiCL Volume 32 (1997)

Table of contents


Mike Reynolds (Sheffield): 'Knowing how to go on' - genre analysis and cross-cultural rhetoric. Pages: 5-20. [Pdf]

A. Majid Hayati (Ahvaz): Contrastive linguistics: Re-evaluation and re-formulation. Pages: 21-28. [Pdf]

Carmen Valero-Garcés (Madrid): Contrastive idiomatology. Equivalence and translatability of English and Spanish idioms. Pages: 29-38. [Pdf]

Michał Szawerna (Wrocław): Towards the complex base of the prototype of the lexical category 'verbs of eating' in English and in Polish. Pages: 39-49. [Pdf]

A. Majid Hayati (Ahvaz): A contrastive analysis of English and Persian stress. Pages: 51-56. [Pdf]

Woo-Hyun Jung (Gyoungsan): Contrastive analysis of lexical items involving sexism in English and Korean. Pages: 57-64. [Pdf]

Eva Larsson Ringqvist (Växjö): Word order and the role of inversion: A comparison between French and Swedish. Pages: 65-80. [Pdf]

Anna Bloch-Rozmej (Lublin): Nasal vowels in Polish. Pages: 81-102. [Pdf]

Jerzy Zybert (Warszawa): Acquisition of L2 phonetic features. Pages: 103-117. [Pdf]

Paweł Topol (Poznań): A multimedia method in EFL: A contrastive approach. Pages: 119-128. [Pdf]


Jolanta Szpyra (Lublin): English phonetics for Poles by Włodzimierz Sobkowiak. Pages: 129-131. [Pdf]

Włodzimierz Sobkowiak (Poznań): A course in phonetics and phonology for Spanish learners of English by Brian Mott. Pages: 132-135. [Pdf]