Guidelines for Guest Editors of thematic issues

The proposal

If you are interested in publishing a thematic issue with PSiCL, we ask you to send us a proposal. It should contain the following information:

  • A statement of where the idea for the thematic issue comes from, and if it Is related to a conference thematic session.
  • A list of planned contributors (at least three).
  • (If the papers are already there:) abstracts of all contributions.

The proposal should be approximately 300 words long, and supplemented with a list of references.

The order of publication of thematic issues depends on the dates of submission of complete proposals fulfilling the requirements stated above.

The guest-editing process

Submissions to thematic issues undergo the same kind of rigorous peer-review process that submissions to general issues do. With thematic issues, a large role is played by the Guest Editor, alongside PSiCL Editors. The role of the Guest Editor includes the following:

  • Conduct all business involved in the review process, including communications with Authors and Reviewers.
  • Decide whether submissions are peer-reviewed or desk-rejected (rejected before going throught the actual review process).
  • Suggest at least two potential reviewers for each submission.
  • Manage submissions in the Editorial Manager online submission and review system (for which we offer assistance).

PSiCL Editors reserve the right to make final decisions in cases where the reviews are equivocal.

After we have considered your proposal, we will contact you regarding further steps.

Note that the size of the thematic issue cannot exceed about 100,000 words (which is equivalent to roughly 320 standard manuscript pages or 200 finished PSiCL pages). The minimum size is about 60,000 words. The number of articles should be 6 to 8.

For further details about submissions please consult our style sheet.