The Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM) is an annual general linguistics conference that continues the tradition of the Polish–English contrastive conferences started by Jacek Fisiak in 1970. The name "Poznań Linguistic Meeting" was adopted in 1997, when Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kołaczyk took over as the Head of the Organising Committee. The Meetings are organised by the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań. Materials from past PLMs are archived here.


The 47th Poznań Linguistic Meeting (PLM2017) will be held on 18–20 September 2017 in Poznań. The leitmotif will be "Language in focus: The big picture". We would like to see examples of how one can look for holistic, bird’s-eye generalizations about language rather than low-level detail. This will mean examining the contributions of the individual subdisciplines of linguistics to the "big picture", including interactions between them. However, we will also welcome perspectives from neighbouring fields, in particular psychology, sociology, biology, medicine, cognitive science, and computer science.

PLM2017 proudly enjoys the honorary patronage of Rector of Adam Mickiewicz University, prof. Andrzej Lesicki, and Mayor of the City of Poznań, Mr Jacek Jaśkowiak.

Plenary events


The keynote on "The new big picture for linguistics: Complex systems" (PDF abstract) will be delivered by William Kretzschmar (University of Georgia and University of Glasgow), the author of, among others, Language and complex systems (CUP 2015).

Plenary lectures

Other plenary events

  • A dialogue on the social determinants of linguistic complexity featuring Raymond Hickey (University of Duisburg and Essen) ("The complexity envelope of languages" – PDF abstract) and Peter Trudgill (Fribourg University and University of East Anglia) ("The social matrix of complexification" – PDF abstract).
  • A debate related to the leitmotif, with William Kretzschmar, Eugeniusz Cyran, Antonella Sorace, Raymond Hickey, Peter Trudgill and Matylda Włodarczyk.

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