Abstract submission

Note that the submission deadline has expired.

Abstracts of papers and posters to be presented at PLM2012 must be submitted using the EasyChair system (see below). They must comply with the guidelines below.

IMPORTANT: Papers submitted to the thematic sessions must use their individual descriptions and guidelines.

  1. Identification: The abstract must remain fully anonymous. (You will submit your contact data on the EasyChair submission page but these will be invisible to the reviewers.) Please make sure that your files do not include your name in the metadata (document properties).
  2. Length: Between 250 and 500 words (excluding the title, linguistic examples, and references, if any). Please state the word count of your abstract at the end. If your abstract does not comply with this requirement, you will be requested to modify it. If you require extra space for e.g. figures or syntactic trees, limit those to one extra page. Otherwise, try to keep your abstract within one page.
  3. Formatting: Please limit the formatting to an absolute minimum. Use the Doulos SIL font (not SIL Doulos!) for IPA characters and any other special characters. The font can be downloaded free of charge from here.
  4. Abstract templates: We recommend using our downloadable templates:
    MS Word
    The templates take care of all the basic layout requirements. Download the template of your choice, enter your text, and save to your hard disk.
  5. Layout: If you pefer not to use the templates above, set the page size to A4, with 2 cm margins on all sides, and use Times New Roman 14 pts bold for the title and 12 pts regular for the abstract body.
  6. Accepted file formats: To make the abstracts maximally accessible to our reviewers, please generate a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. A free, open-source PDF generator is available from here. However, if your abstract is accepted, you will be asked to supply an editable file (e.g. Word or OpenOffice) for us to be able to include it in the Book of Abstracts. Thus, you should keep your original file as specified above.
  7. Submitting: Please submit your abstract through the EasyChair system: follow this link [opens in a new tab/window]. You will be asked to create an account first (if you do not already have one). Before submitting a paper for the individual thematic sessions, consult their descriptions, as some may require contacting the conveners directly. You may then enter/paste the abstract in the "Abstract" field, but please also submit it as a PDF file in the "Paper" field towards the end of the submission form, especially if special characters (e.g. IPA) or graphics are used.
  8. Submission deadline: Expired on 15 April 2012.