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How to get to Poznań

Poznań is easily accessible by air, road, train or bus. It is located about half way between Warsaw (280 km) and Berlin (240 km), and there are good, frequent rail connections between those two cities and Poznań. Poznań's Ławica airport has frequent daily connections with Warsaw (LOT Polish Airlines), as well as Copenhagen (SAS), Munich and Frankfurt (LOT and Lufthansa). Poznań is also served by low-cost carriers that fly directly from a number of cities in the UK, Spain, Italy, Sweden and other European countries.

Poznań is a city located in west-central Poland with the population of about 600 000 inhabitants. Poznań, now Poland’s fifth largest and second most prosperous city, is one of the largest centers of trade, industry, sport, education, technology, tourism and culture. Poznań has many historic buildings and sights, mostly concentrated around the Old Town and other parts of the city centre, some of which include the Renaissance Town Hall in the Old Market Square, the impressive Baroque Parish Church, and the Cathedral Island – the cradle of the Polish statehood. Poznań is one of the four largest academic centers in Poland. With the number of approximately 140 000 students, the city is vibrant and dense academic hub (every fourth inhabitant in Poznań is a student).

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