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American Dialects - general links

American Dialect Society
American Dialect Links
Atlas of North American English
American Dialects Reference List
American Dialects
A National Map of the Regional Dialects of AE

Dialects of American English
Regional patterns of American Speech
Regional Dialects in the US
The Organization of Dialect Diversity in North America
Dialects and Idioms as Related to the Regions of the United States

American Dialects - selection

Differences between SAV and AAVE
An examination of Southern Dialect
Annotated Bibliography: Southern and Central Appalachian English
Annotated Bibliography on Appalachian English Appalachian English and Ozark English
The Supplementary Electronic Archive for Slavery in the American Mountain South
Appalachian English - awesome resource by Michael Montgomery
The verb bes in the Carolinas and its history
Virginia’s Many Voices
Speakin' N'Hampsha with Fritz Wetherbee
New England phonology
Pittsburgh Speech & Society resouces
Linguistic Geography of the Mainland United States
Texas English
Native American Dialects
Varia - History of AE, a-prefixing, dialects, etc.

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American vs British English| Corpora

American and British English differences (Wikipedia)
BYU Corpora
American National Corpus
BYU Corpus of American English

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Brief history of the US - animated Atlas
American History
Great American History
Eyewitness to history
American history forums
An outline of American history
American Civil War

Primary Sources

Ex-slave narratives
Corpus of American Civil War Letters

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The International Dialects of English - Archive
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