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Kruk B. 2015. 'I can't bear the thought that he might not recognise me': Personal narratives as a site of identity work in the online Alzheimer's support group. Communication & Medicine 12 (2-3): 273-286.
URL: https://journals.equinoxpub.com/index.php/CAM/article/view/18453
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Kruk B. 2015. Accessing commonsensical knowledge in talk-in-interaction? The synergy of conversation analysis and membership categorization analysis.” In: Kamasa, Victoria; Mikołajczyk, Beata; Taborek, Janusz; Zabrocki, Władysław (eds.)  Język w Poznaniu 6. Poznań: Wydawnictwo Rys, 127-141.
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Sokalska-Bennett_Aleksandra, Kruk B. 2015. Exploring gender and sexuality in Polish classrooms: Methodology.” In: Pakuła, Łukasz; Pawelczyk, Joanna; Sunderland, Jane  Gender and Sexuality in English Language Education: Focus on Poland. London: British Council, 35-43.
URL: https://repozytorium.amu.edu.pl/jspui/handle/10593/13883
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Kruk B. 2014. Review of: Speer, Susan A.; Stokoe, Elizabeth (eds.) 2011. Conversation and Gender, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Journal of Gender and Power 2: 155-164.
URL: http://gender-power.amu.edu.pl/JGP_Vol_2_No_2.pdf
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