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Gillian E, Ferensztajn B, Franków-Czerwonko B, Paradowska U. 2013. Emergent literacy and numeracy – preparation for reading, writing, and mathematics.” In: Salski, Łukasz; Szubko-Sitarek, Weronika (eds.)  Perspectives on Foreign Language Learning. Łódź: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 313-325.
URL: https://ksiegarnia.uni.lodz.pl/index.php#/book:show,5288,perspectives_on_foreign_language_learning
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Gillian E, Ferensztajn B, Franków-Czerwonko B, Paradowska U. 2012. Review of: Phonological awareness in Polish and Australian preschool children. Stan i perspektywy kształcenia językowego w świetle Europejskich wymagań edukacyjnych 1: 115-130.
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Jaworski S, Gillian E. 2011. On the phonetic instability of the Polish rhotic /r/. Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics 47(2): 380-398.
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Gillian E, Willianson S. 2009. Oral Language Basic Concepts Programme: An example of collaborative service provision in Victoria. ACQuiring Knowledge in Speech, Language and Hearing 11(2): 97-99.
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Gillian E, McAllister L, McLeod S, Parkes R. 2008. Written Language Intervention Approaches: A Brief Review. Asia Pacific Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing 11(2): 1-7.
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