Technical details

Current time in Poznań:

The ClickMeeting platform

We will be using ClickMeeting as the conference platform:

On a computer, no installation is necessary as everything happens within your web browserm and no account is needed. You will be emailed clickable links to the four virtual rooms we will be using, along with a password, and in principle all you will need to do is to click the link and enter the password.

On Android and iOS, dedicated apps are available but we only recommend those for listening, not presenting.

Training will be offered to interested participants in the two days before the conference. Technical assistance will be available throughout the duration of the meeting.

Presentation formats

For talks

If your presentation does not depend on audio/video or animations, we recommend PDF over presentation software such as PowerPoint. If you submit the PDF file by 13 September, 15:00 CET, we will be able to have your presentation ready to be shown as soon as speakers change, with no technical action needed on your part. The transitions between speakers will be made much faster and smoother. Details of the submission procedure will follow shortly.

If you do need audio/video or animation within PowerPoint, you will be using the screen sharing option in real time. Participants planning to use this approach are very strongly recommended to take part in the training on 14-15 September.

For both the PDF and PowerPoint versions, the recommended aspect ratio is 16:9.

Please note that the time format is 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for question time.

For posters

We would like to simulate a poster session to the extent possible in a virtual setting. Therefore, please prepare your poster as a one-page PDF the way you would normally do for an in-person poster session. We recommend PDF over other formats for good zoomability.

We will need to receive your file by 13 September, 15:00 CET, to give viewers time to get acquainted with your poster. Details of the submission procedure will follow shortly.

Each poster is assigned a standard 30-minute slot. While a spoken introduction is possible, we recommend to assume that the viewers have seen the poster before the slot, and to devote most of the time in the slot to viewer-led questions and discussion.


Since barriers to participation are considerably lowered in a virtual setting, we would like to ask you to spread the word about this year's PLM among any and all interested parties, such as your colleagues, students and any other people interested in linguistics. There is no cost for non-presenting participants, and all you need to do to listen to the presentations is to register.