NAD Phonotactic Calculator

This tool automatically calculates NAD for two- and three-consonant clusters in word initial, medial and final position.

To calculate NAD, simply use the keyboard below to input consonant clusters in the box, writing one cluster per line. Use the symbol V to indicate the positions of vowels relative to the cluster, e.g.
klV – word initial cluster /kl/ followed by a vowel
Vst – word final cluster /st/ preceded by a vowel
VndV – medial cluster /nd/ surrounded by vowels

If you'd like to use the calculator for your research, please acknowledge the link to the calculator and the following paper in your work:
[In:] Hans Sauer, Piotr P. Chruszczewski (eds.) Mostly Medieval: In Memory of Jacek Fisiak. (Beyond Language 5). San Diego, CA: Æ Academic Publishing; 445-458

Dziubalska-Kołaczyk, Katarzyna, Dawid Pietrala and Grzegorz Aperliński. 2014. The NAD Phonotactic Calculator – an online tool to calculate cluster preference in English, Polish and other languages.




IPA transcription CV structure NAD(VC) NAD(C1C2) NAD(C2C3) NAD(CV) NAD product Preferred cluster?
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