The International Association of University Professors of English Triennial Conference

Poznań, Poland, 22–26 JULY 2019

What is IAUPE?

IAUPE is the International Association of University Professors of English established in 1951. It is affiliated with the International Federation of Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM) and supported by UNESCO. Every three years it organizes conferences of members in different countries, offering a forum for discussion amongst scholars working in the area of English Studies. Past conferences were held by universities around the world, from Cambridge (1956), Vancouver (1999), and Lund (2007) to Malta (2010), Beijing (2013) and London (2016). Adam Mickiewicz University (Poznań) hosted the conference in 1977. In 2016  in London, Professor Liliana Sikorska was elected President of the organization and Poznań won the organization of 2019 Conference.

The mission of IAUPE as an organization whose members are well established scholars has always been to bring together scholars from various fields of English Studies, in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and cooperation as well as foster and encourage the spirit of dialogue.

IAUPE 2019

IAUPE conferences take account of all aspects of English Studies, from Anglo-Saxon to New Literatures in English. The theme of the 2019 Poznań Conference is "... a way with words..." so as to account for the specificity of the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University and its multifaceted research in language and literature. After all, as humanists who work with and in the English language we all have "a way with words".

Apart from the scholarly aspect of the conference, the IAUPE conferences include a cultural and social programme - concerts, excursions, informal gatherings - to promote further  intercultural communication.