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WA Publication Submission Form

This form is solely for the use of the Faculty of English (UAM) Staff, plus authors affiliating their publications with the Faculty (PhD candidates, students, post-doctoral fellows, collaborators). One form per publication, normally the first listed WA author should fill in this form, unless authors agree otherwise.

Please make sure your submission includes all available information about the submitted publication. Whenever possible, include a link (URL) and a DOI. Only report items with final publication data. For ahead-of-print/online-first/first view and similar schemes, wait for the final issue and pagination. To avoid duplicate submissions (e.g. by a co-author), check your listing in the new PBN interface (note there is a direct link titled Publications in the PBN database at the very bottom of your profile page). When in doubt, ask. Use copy-and-paste rather than typing, as the latter carries a high risk of introducing typos.

Please read the accompanying instructions very carefully, and make a very careful final check of the Preview screen before finalizing (the Save button): your care is appreciated, as it will make our job easier, and will ensure you are properly credited for your publication.

Save the confirmation email message and use it in any future correspondence. If you wish to update details of an existing publication, reply to the confirmation message (, indicating clearly the extent of the changes.

Allow up to two weeks for the entry to be migrated to the new PBN database.


Enter a link to the item in our database that you wish to update.

Select the correct publication type before proceeding, as the fields displayed vary by publication type.

Language of the publication
In general, only report published items with a definite publication year. Leave blank if not available.
Format: Surname, FirstName(s) For multiple authors' names, always use 'and' with no comma, e.g.: Kowalski, Jan and Smith, John and Malinowska, Maria
arkuszy wydawniczych
Give an approximate figure, e.g.: 1; 1.5; 2; 0.5. One sheet is 40,000 characters (incl. spaces). See detailed instruction here.
Link to publication text or metadata (typically on the publisher site)
Please do not include any prefixes such as doi: or Example format: 10.1093/ijl/ecw010
Enter the title exactly as it appears in the PBN database.
Journal ISSN number (not e-ISSN). Give exactly as in the PBN database.
Use arabic numbers, e.g. 17 rather than XVII
Also known as number. For combined issues, use a hyphen, e.g. 3-4
Page extent of your article or chapter. Example: 121-128.
Collection section
Format: Surname, FirstName(s) For multiple editors, always use 'and' with no comma, e.g.: Kowalski, Jan and Smith, John and Malinowska, Maria
The ISBN-13 number of the book, including the hyphens e,g, 978-83-65370-05-1.
Give the total number of pages