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To report a new publication, use the UAM Research Portal (aka Baza Wiedzy).
To do that, you need to log into the Research Portal using your UAM user name (do not log in with your full email or PESEL number: this won't work!).
Once logged in, go to your Profile page (by clicking on your avatar, top right corner, and on your user name in the concise drop-down list).
Always check first if the publication you wish to report is not already present in the system (it may be there even if not reported by you!). If it is not, then the best way to add it is via the DOI of your publication (it takes a couple of weeks after publication for DOI's to start working). If there is a DOI, click the button on the right that says "Import publications" / "Importuj publikacje". A pop-up will open with some import options. Just paste in the DOI in the bottom (DOI) box. Sometimes the DOI is presented as an extended URL, e.g., in which case you need to strip the URL prefix, and paste just that part; in this case: 10.1093/ijl/ecaa017. Confirm, and the import will proceed. Sometimes the import will fail, in which case note the message: if it reports a duplicate, then in all likelihood the publication was already present in the database. Once the import is complete, it will be visible to you, and — once checked and approved — it will be visible to the public.
If you're sure that your publication has no DOI, use another import method (BibTeX works better than RIS). You can get BibTeX from your reference manager (Zotero, EndNote, or similar), publisher's website, etc. As a last resort, use a manual form appropriate for your publication type (article, chapter, or book). If you need help or want to correct/update details of an existing item, email the publications team at