As of March 15th 2019, the Center for Speech and Language Processing at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań has transformed into Speech and Language Processing Laboratory at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. You are welcome to visit the new website of the Speech and Language Processing Laboratory


The Center for Speech and Language Processing is an inter-departmental unit at the Adam Mickiewicz University (AMU) in Poznań, Poland. Its main inspiration has been our cooperation with the Center for Spoken Language Research at the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA, and its director Ronald Cole while developing the Polish version of the Colorado Literacy Tutor.
The mission of the Center is to support new research, introduce new values into science, and, as a priority, create a platform for interdisciplinary research projects carried out by scientists from various fields (such as computer science, linguistics, philology, psychology, pedagogy). Its aim is to develop various social applications (such as interactive CALL programs with unique motivational features, speech therapy programs etc.).

The main specific tasks of the Center are:
* gathering linguistic data (linguistic corpora of various types);
* conducting research focussed on Polish;
* creating speech processing technologies, especially for Polish and 'second' languages in the Polish context (such as English, German, French);
* developing multimodal systems;
* carrying out inter-departmental teaching projects;
* initiating international cooperation with similar centers around the world (the Center for Spoken Language Research is our first international partner).

Since its beginnings, the Center has been supported by the highest authorities of AMU, including its present and past Rectors and Vice-Rectors: Prof. Bronisław Marciniak, Prof. Bogusław Mróz, Prof. Bogdan Walczak and Prof. Jacek Witkoś. In addition to the local funding, the Center is financed using Polish governmental funds and other sources, including foreign (e.g. European Union) sources.